Mark Banner commented on BlackBerry ruling of February 21

February 22, 2006

Mark Banner was interviewed on U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer’s decision to refuse the U.S. government’s request for a hearing on the proposed BlackBerry shutdown, which is helping to clear the way for a halt of the popular portable e-mail service.

Mr. Banner’s comments appear in articles for and Bloomberg Radio, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


On March 3, 2006, Research In Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry e-mail device settled its long-running patent dispute with NTP, Inc., averting a possible court-ordered shutdown of the BlackBerry system and a disruption of wireless service for millions of users.

For more information on this ruling and other intellectual property matters, please contact Mark Banner.

Posted: August 22, 2006

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