Christopher Renk and NIKE’s Brian Fogarty present ACC Chicago Chapter Downtown Lunch Program, “Holistic IP Litigation: One Size Rarely Fits All”

February 14, 2019

Christopher Renk, Partner, Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. and Brian Fogarty, Vice President, Global IP Litigation and Brand Protection, NIKE, Inc. present the Association of Corporate Counsel Chicago Chapter Downtown Lunch Program, “Holistic IP Litigation:  One Size Rarely Fits All”


Intellectual property litigation is often expensive, time consuming and can be disruptive to business.  These disruptors, however, can be minimized and the rewards maximized if the business, in conjunction with IP/Legal, adopts an integrated, holistic approach to IP Rights procurement, on the front end, and litigation, on the back end.  Patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets rights are distinct and different rights, but their business value can only be maximized when counsel understands how they can work together to maximize their effectiveness and achieve business objectives.  One size truly does not fit all and that fact should be embraced.


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